Community College Partnership

Partnership Program

Partnership Programs

ISMT BS is committed to making quality education accessible to everyone the world over. To meet this aim, ISMT BS offers partnership programs for community colleges and corporations.

The community college partnership program allows working adults, attending our partner community colleges, to join ISMT BS programs. The corporate partnership program encourages organizations to help their outstanding employees obtain ISMT BS programs to enhance their career advancement and growth.

For more information about our partnership programs, follow the links below:

  • Community College Partnership
  • Corporate Partnership

Community College Partnership

Thousands of students today are looking for the right program to enhance their lives and careers. ISMT BS offers your college a unique opportunity to meet your students' personal and professional goals by ISMT BS programs at your campus.

By becoming our partner, your students will, not only have the chance to upgrade their qualification that suit their personal interests and needs, but your alumni and faculty members will also be able to enjoy our several benefits.


Community Partnership Program

Benefits of our Partnership Program

Complete Support

Once you become our Partner & Learning Center, you will receive complete support & 100% assistance, like startup operations, marketing, personnel recruitment & training, faculty assistance and all the knowledge needed for basic administration & operations.

Learning @ Campus

  • The students will be trained at your campus, which will not only add another flower in your bouquet of existing courses, but will also enhance brand awareness in your area.
  • By providing learning at your campus, you can tab potential students in your or nearby colleges & other deserving candidates in your area.

100% Assistance during & after Course Completion

The students can avail benefits from various options provided by ISMT BS like International Study Tour, International Student Exchange Programs & Internships, Multi stage Placement Assistance, Student Education Loan, Personality & Self development Programs, etc.

Incentive Benefits

The College avails the benefit of incentive per student, which adds up as an extra source of income which they can use for the benefits of their organization & students.

Take advantage of this opportunity for the benefit of your students and faculty members.


Apply now for our community college partnership.