Life @ ISMT

Parallel to the academic life at ISMT BS runs the foot stamping rhythm of the student's social life. Singularly active, student associations and clubs provide a forum for interaction amongst themselves and the world outside.


Leading edge academic learning is at the core of ISMT BS's program. The Academic Council is the student body's voice in all matters pertaining to academics. It is a manifestation of ISMT BS 's desire to treat its students as partners. The Council comprises five energetic members who are elected by the students. The Council is responsible for conducting a smooth bidding process for choosing electives in the second year, and handling all other issues concerning academics. The Council works as the interface between the faculty and the students for all courses



The Cultural Committee organizes and arranges all cultural activities in ISMT BS. Be it the movie shows or the amazing parties, the Cultural Committee does it all. It has a number of subcommittees that are formed for special activities (music, drama, literary etc). The Cultural Committee ensures that ISMT BS has its fair share of fun!


FCI (Forum for Corporate Interface)

ISMT BS is a center for developing managerial excellence that prepares managers to take on the challenges of tomorrow. To do so, ISMT BS nurtures academic talent in the field of management and works closely with the industry and government.

We instituted a forum to further encourage an exchange of ideas among students, academics, government and industry - The Forum for Corporate & Industrial Interaction. We believe that the academia, government and industry must interact closely and learn from each other. The FCI organizes regular seminars and talks by inviting eminent people from the industry and the government with a view to create an atmosphere of learning beyond the academic curriculum. The attempt is to make the institute more industry focused and to better prepare potential managers to face contemporary concerns in the corporate world.


MKC (The Marketing Council)

The Marketing Council of ISMT BS is a student run council with a focus on marketing and related disciplines.

Our main emphasis is on trying to give all those interested in marketing, actual industry exposure by organizing talks, discussion panels, workshops, case competitions, and hosting marketing related activities, which supplement the academic courses.


FIC (The Finance Council)

FIC, the finance council at ISMT BS, functions as the interface between the student community and the financial world viz. financial institutions, regulatory bodies and the academia. It enables synergistic interactions among a strong student-member community, coupled with valuable input from the faculty, the academia and representatives from the industry.

Since the council is student driven the initiatives that are taken are tailored to the specific needs and interests of students.



Each year eight students are elected to the Placement Committee. They are actively involved in all placement-related activities in ISMT BS and coordinate with the Placement Office as well as the various organizations that recruit at ISMT BS.


ITC (The Information Technology Council)

ITC ensures Student-Industry interaction by arranging expert talks and trips to IT exhibitions and symposia; and provides systems support during various event.

ITC with its commitment to the management of Information Systems has a very important role to play. The role of ITC today is to ensure Student-industry interaction by arranging expert talks and trips to IT exhibitions and symposia; to provide systems support during Placements and to the other club, activities. For example, the ITC developed an on-line trading system for the finance club as part of the stock exchange game.


CARE (Social Service Org.)

ISMT BS recognizes its social responsibility and is always eager to contribute towards the betterment of the society. CARE is a voluntary student body that tries to make a difference to society. It undertakes a host of social initiatives, which include organizing outings for spastic children, arranging blood donation camps and conducting fund raising activities.