Earn-N-Learn MBA ProgramTM

MBA ke saath padhaai bhi aur kamaai bhi

ISMT Business School, has launched Earn-N-Learn MBA program™ which assists the student to get job at the start of the program

Why Earn-N-Learn MBA ProgramTM


Parents aspirations bite the dust each year in the month of May, when their children are adorned with a fresh MBA tag. 3 out of 5 Management Graduates are faced with limited or no choice of job opportunities. There is a severe imbalance in the required quantity and quality of MBA's being produced in our country today. A plush campus, celebrity faculty and a happening classroom are no guarantee of a getting a break in the field and profile of your choice.

Today lakhs of students invest years into preparation for entrance, aiming to get admission in premier B Schools. Sometimes, they fail & enroll in other B Schools where they invest two years only for study, hence there is loss of opportunity cost since they cant do job simultaneously & invest 5-6 lakhs in MBA fees. Very few students are able to recover this investment within few years after completion of their course, after they start working.

In this present scenario where investing 5-6 lakhs & 2 yrs only for study in MBA is unaffordable for many average students, ISMT BUSINESS SCHOOL, is the new hope for such students.

ISMT BUSINESS SCHOOL has launched Earn-N-Learn MBA Program™ , where at the start of the program students are assisted for jobs in the industry. With the help of this EARN-N-LEARN MBA Program™, students can manage their job with study, and can also gain industrial experience & recover upto 100% cost of the program & can earn their MBA at zero cost, above all they can pay the fees in monthly instalment through the salary they earn from the industry, without giving financial burden to their parents.

This unique & noble concept is the brainchild of Mr. Rakesh Jain, director of the institute. He believes that today a change is required in the present mode of learning in education system. The industry demand skills & performance, if it is collaborated with job & higher education simultaneously, it helps the students to achieve their goals early. 



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