Director's Message

Welcome to ISMT Business School, Mumbai.

ISMT BS, Mumbai has been at the forefront of creating a new paradigm of management education that combines rigor and relevance to achieve the twin objectives of 'influencing practice' and 'promoting value based growth'. We strive towards holistic development that prepares you for life.

ISMT BS conduct management programs, which integrate classroom teaching with industrial exposure in order to bridge the gap between theories and practice that most professionally trained managers encounter. We enable young minds from all across the country to make meaningful contributions to an ever-growing economy. The students at ISMT BS learn the latest and modern management concepts, imparted additionally with sensitized socio-economic realities of the environment. A blend of our traditional ethos with contemporary advancements in management is the main thrust of the Institute.

ISMT BS provides excellent infrastructure with unmatched industry trained faculty. The faculty provides valuable insights into the working of an organization - something that is hard to find in any of the textbook. In our continuous efforts at maintaining highest academic standards, we are receptive to improvements and keen to learn on all fronts.

-Prof. Rakesh Jain