ISMT BS team comprise of educationists, entrepreneurs & professionals from industry who share the vision to form an institution that would nurture Indian talents. Our team is constantly innovative in ideas & strives to deliver the best. The team aspires ISMT BS to become one of the iconic platform to generate future talents who can leave a mark in the global industry.



ISMT BS students receive 100% assistance in getting job in industry, once they join the Program. With the help of this EARN-N-LEARN MBA Program TM, students can not only manage their job with study, but can also gain industrial experience & recover cost of the program.



The faculty at ISMT BS is drawn from both industry as well as academia. The faculty is dedicated to provide students with the support they need at every stage of their academic pursuit. In addition to a very dedicated and competent core faculty, visiting faculty from industry and academics are invited to teach. This gives the students an insight into practical functions within the corporate sector. At ISMT BS guest lectures are also delivered by leading Directors, CEO's from corporate world to enhance their academic excellence & upgrade their corporate interface. Several leading faculty from various B Schools & Universities will deliver lectures at ISMT BS.

To develop the institution in a holistic manner the management of ISMT BS has identified certain key tasks and a team of faculty and students are assigned to coordinate / complete the task within a specified time-period.

Some important tasks identified are as follows:

  • Research and Consultancy
  • MDPs and Corporate Trainings
  • Publications and Communications
  • Ecology protection
  • Management Events
  • Cultural Activities


ISMT e-Campus

ISMT e-campus is India's first truly web-enabled education ERP system. ISMT e-campus is an integrated system where students, professors, dean and management remain engaged with one another on a virtual platform. Students can manage projects, case papers, newsletters, group work and scheduling. Professors can track individual student's growth through pictorial charts and compare with their development in other subjects. In this virtual campus, students can access loads of e-Campusinformation or get help from faculties remotely, even when they are not in the same city. This system is totally linked with e-mail and mobile of individuals for real-time connect.

ISMT e-campus caters to complete campus automation needs. It's a fully integrated, intelligent, robust, online software solution to enhance the quality of education and to strengthen the institution to deliver a global standard teaching and learning environment where students grow and thrive and not just survive.

ISMT e-campus is much more than just a campus management software. It is 24 x 7 Online Anywhere Anytime solution which aims to bring Parents,Faculty and Management together, gives a single interface for all activities happening in campus, and collaborates for multi-dimensional development of the student. ISMT e-campus has many analytical, data mining and decision making tools designed to achieve e-education, Transparency, accountability and e-Governance in institutes.

Students can archive useful content gathered from various sources in his personal virtual space & can share with other students. This becomes immensely helpful for the working executives - they can get back to their classroom and personal 'content' space to update with latest management trends, according to their comfortability.


Case Study Based Training

With most of the courses being taught using real life case studies, the case study method is a key component of the programs at ISMT BS.

Benefits of the Case Study Method:

Management case studies describe the situations faced by practicing managers in a narrative form, and also provide the supporting information necessary to involve students in the decision-making process. These case studies encourage students to think of the possible ways of handling such issues, and help them learn the complexities of decision-making in business and the challenges that managers face every day at work.

Almost all the courses in the ISMT BS program are designed around the case method. A few courses are even taught entirely through case studies, with cases tailor-made to the requirements of the subject areas. Student evaluation is based on individual team presentations, written reports and class participation.


Research Methodology

High quality teaching is unequivocally a product of high quality research. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the ISMT's values and attitude to higher education bestowed on its strong industry background and focus. A significant proportion of research projects, engaged in both students and staff, involve intense interaction with a range of organizations in specific fields, hence, assignment activity forms the cornerstone of student- led learning.


International Study Tour Program

International Study TourISMT B S students can avail an option of International Study Tour, which is designed to give students a first hand exposure to International Faculty, organizations & economies. The idea is to make the students aware of how a truly global economy works and also to bring a fresh outlook to life conducive to entrepreneurial learning. During the course of International Study Tour program, few days are reserved exclusively for studies while on the other days students are taken around the city for sight seeing as well as industry visits. When all the students come back after their visits to various countries they share their experiences and the knowledge gained from the interactions with the other students of the institute. This creates an intellectually stimulating and exciting environment in the campus and students get knowledge of how things work in other countries.


International Student Exchange Program

"Students are eligible for lateral entry programme in various universities & colleges abroad*"


ISMT BS students can avail an option of international student exchange programs & international internships.ISMT BS is in the process of establishing associations with number of leading institutions in UK, USA & Singapore.


Live Consultancy Project

Many ISMT BS faculties are closely linked to industry and are engaged into various consultancy projects.Students get the opportunity to work as assistant trainees in these projects. It greatly benefits ISMT BS students with practical exposure to one of the most high-end professional services and business consultancy


Multi-stage Placement Cell

The team of ISMT BS nurtures a global network of successful Indians engaged in MNCs across the world.

ISMT BS has created a unique three-stage structure for fostering corporate relationships - in a pursuit to create exciting career opportunities for students.

Option I First team would explore zonal opportunities:
West Coast & Central Zone (Mumbai & Mumbai Suburbs)
Option II Second team will work on creating national opportunities and integrate national placements in a centralized fashion.They will target top 500 organizations.
Option III An overseas placement team will explore opportunities at UK, Middle East, Far East and Australia.ISMT BS team and the network of advisors spread globally will be exploring employment opportunities for Indian talents.